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Entries are now closed for the 2021 awards

The awards qualifying period is from 1 September 2020 to 10 September 2021 and the cost per entry is £275 + VAT

For entry enquiries, please contact: 

Best Lockdown Production

This award will go to an outstanding single show or series that was produced by a UK-based company under lockdown conditions. It can be a new format that was conceived, commissioned and TX-ed during this time, or a pre-existing title that was reimagined due to the restrictions and produced in an innovative way. The distribution of the content is platform agnostic, so can be across digital, linear tv, or a hybrid format.

Best Original Content by a Rights Holder

This category rewards UK-based rights holders (sports clubs or federations) that have produced unique and compelling content specifically for their fan base via their own digital or linear channels. This could be a short-form project, a long-form feature or an episodic series.

Best Post-Production for Sports Project

This award celebrates the best post-production work for a sports project by a UK-based post-production house. The entry can be based on a series, feature film or commercial. It can be focused on the grading, audio, and/ or visual effects (or any other part of the creative post-production process).

Best Social Media Campaign

A sports marketing project, devised by a UK-based company, which has excelled at maximising reach and engagement with its target audience on at least one social media platform. The campaign will be able to demonstrate how it’s fully embraced the opportunities opened up by social media, and how it’s resonated with the demographic it’s attempting to reach.

Best Sport Entertainment Programme

This award is for the sports entertainment programme, produced by a UK-based company, that has made the biggest impact over the year. It can be a one-off production; a weekly series; part of the coverage of a sports tournament; or any other form of televised sports content.

Best Sport Production of the Year

sponsored by Timeline TV

Big sporting events are often used to introduce ground-breaking ‘world’s firsts’ production techniques. This award honours the production team behind the year’s best, most inventive sports event coverage. It can be for any sports or esports event produced by a UK-based company for distribution across linear and/or digital platforms.

Best Sports Graphics for a Live Production

sponsored by Stats Perform

This award is for the best use of graphics to enhance the fan experience for a live production. This could be using live stats/data to present compelling visual insight; utilising graphics to enhance the live studio presentation; or demonstrating excellence in any other use of sports graphics during the live production. The graphics will have created by a UK-based company.

Best Use of Fan Engagement

This category awards a project, led by a UK-based company, which offers fans a greater depth of access, interaction and insight into a sport or sporting event. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of this award, putting fans at the centre of the action like never before. It can be any type of project that genuinely enhances the fan experience.

Esports Event of the Year

sponsored by ACF Investment Bank

The year’s most outstanding televised esports event, produced by a UK-based company, which stood out in terms of its scale and ambition; through innovating in the way the content was distributed; through its on-screen analysis; and in how the event was staged and produced.

Pundit of the Year

This honours the sports pundit consistently offering the best, most enlightened insight and opinion on UK-based productions. They are likely best known for TV sports analysis, but may also be from the world of radio, digital and podcasts. The award entry can either be for the pundit’s coverage of a specific event or for the overall quality of the pundit’s sports analysis and insight during the qualifying period.

Sports Commercial of the Year

The most outstanding sports commercial of the year, produced by a UK-based company, which excels in its creative approach and/or the technical approach employed during its creation. It makes an indelible mark on the viewer and is an excellent example of a well thought out brand alignment with top-tier sports talent. It also makes the most of a tailored multi-platform approach that’s specifically designed to push the potential of the creative content on each platform.

Sports Documentary of the Year (Film/Programme)

The best factual sports television and/or theatrical release of the year, made by a UK-based production company. The winner will have excelled at telling a compelling and illuminating sports story that provides great insight into the subject matter.

Sports Documentary of the Year (Series)

The best factual sports television series of the year, made by a UK-based production company. The winner will have excelled in telling a compelling and illuminating sports story across multiple episodes that provides great insight into the subject matter.


Sports Presenter of the Year

Whether a regular, familiar fixture on our screens, or new, up-and-coming talent, this award recognises sports presenting excellence. It could be a UK-based TV presenter or someone working predominantly in the digital space. What unites the entries in this category is the ability of the presenter to host and be the face of a show, while offering real in-depth knowledge of the sport. The winning presenter has a passion to ensure the coverage appeals to both casual fans and ardent followers of the sport.

Sports Production Company of the Year

sponsored by MOOV

This award recognises a UK-based sports content business that, over the last 12 months, has truly excelled in a particular area of sports production; live sports, sports docs, social media content, or any other aspect of sports content creation.

YouTube Channel of the Year


This award recognises a UK-based YouTube channel that has produced the most creative and engaging content for their demographic during the qualifying period. The channel will have built a loyal fanbase by providing exclusive and fan-centric sports content.

(The below are non-enterable categories)

Broadcast Sport Special Recognition Award

This will go to a long-standing, prominent figure in the sports content industry who’s made a huge impact either behind-the-scenes or in front of the camera. It will be someone who has played an essential role in helping move sports broadcasting on to where it is today.

(This is a non-enterable category)

NEP TV Sport Moment of the Year 

This award recognises the most iconic televised sporting moment of the last 12 months.

(This is a non-enterable category)



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    Nev Appleton
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  • “An incredible first ever Broadcast Sports Awards! The awards reunited the sports production and sports broadcast industries, to celebrate the fact that despite its many challenges, it had produced such outstanding broadcast sports moments. It was also an opportunity to bring together clients, colleagues, and talent to be a part of these celebrations.”
    Marie Ellis
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  • ‘’It is rare to get such a good mix of sport industry professionals in the room from all corners of the market. The opportunity to share in the successes of the year and look forward to year ahead with old faces and new friends was fantastic and we’re looking forward to going again in 2022’’
    Edward Fleet
    Sales Manager UK & Northern Europe, Stats Perform


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